The Strongest Gift you can give a youth

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    is to believe in him. This gift is more powerful than money or prestige. Corb's dedication and faith to the progress of his players is perhaps his most valuable attribute as a coach. Imagine how far you would be in happiness if you had somebody like Corbin to encourage you along the way...

    A lot of people have a lot to learn from a true leader such as Tim Corbin who believes in his kids and encourages them and does not get lazy or caviler about their kid's development.

    Imagine if fathers, teachers, and high school coaches actually believed in their students and focused on developing them as opposed to being lazy and dismissing their potential in a cavalier fashion.

    This is what make Tim Corbin a world class coach, leader, and role model, and what separates him from 2-bit, half-ass role models. You can't half-ass being a good role-model, and a leader. It takes effort, focus, and dedication, and caring..

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