The offense next year.

Discussion in 'General Sports Forum' started by BigHatchie, Nov 12, 2016.

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    I am as disheartened as everyone else by the Missouri game , but I actually think we may be pretty fun to watch on offense next year. I don' t know how you could not think Khari is legit . We may not have had a power back like that since Ernie Goolsby. And Shurmur is getting better; we don't appear to be nearly as one dimensional as we have been for so long. Experience is key for a quarterback. We will have lots of experience at receiver , and if Tennyson can catch he may more than offset losing Sims. Tight end is set. Ralph is a high caliber SEC back when completely healthy. And maybe we'll find that Wakefield is as well. I guess the biggest question marks are the replacements for two linemen, but hopefully we won't have much drop off there. Not saying we'll be great, but I do see the potential for a decent offense.

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