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Discussion in 'General Sports Forum' started by semperfidawg76, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Not seen the hit and don't really know when it was other than it was Arkansas and Vandy.

    Krause was hit while fielding a punt(illegally) and was injured. How has his health overall been? Only ask as his HS coach was also mine and I also filmed his highlights a few times in HS.....and plus he was a pretty good kid to talk to.

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    Semperfi...that hit took place in the 2011 game played in Nashville. It was in the 3rd Q, and Krause signaled for a fair catch on a punt. Marquel Wade then took aim at Krause and drilled him way before the ball got there. It was vicious and intentional (according to Hog fans, the kid was a FR who was just excited and made a mistake. I call BS on that since the kid basically strutted and did a dance over Krause's prone body.) The Arky player was kicked out of the game and had to sit out Ark's next game, IIRC. The play was all over the ESPN networks as the most unsportsmanlike play of the year. Anyway, Krause was really rocked and it took him quite a few minutes to find and collect all his marbles before he got up and was helped to the sidelines. Think there were concussion symptoms and that it was a few weeks before he was cleared to return to football. Good news is that there don't seem to be any lingering effects as he played last year and did well, although he didn't have huge numbers. But that should not surprise anyone with Jordan Matthews and Chris Boyd putting up the numbers they did. So, we VU folks are glad to have him back and look forward to a great 2013 for him.

    And, Semperfi, thank you for your service to this country. I assume you were/are a proud member of the Marine Corps. I have the greatest respect for our men and women in our military. God bless you all!

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