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Discussion in 'General Sports Forum' started by NewYorkDore, May 7, 2009.

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    This message covers the ground rules for participation on the Hoops free board:

    1) If you're a guest, you should act like you would want a guest to act in your home. If you like flame wars on your own board, that doesn't mean you can bring that here.
    2) If you're a guest from UK and you post a flame, you're gone. Your banishment can be temporary or permanent, but you will be banned and your post will be deleted. This is because your fanbase has a history here and is not a reflection of you as an individual, necessarily.
    3) If you're a guest from another school, in most cases you'll be given a warning, but each mod reserves the right to make a judgment call on whether or not that second chance should be granted.
    4) If you're a VS member, paying or not, please do not bait or enter into flame wars with anyone. Your post will be deleted or thread locked. If your behavior crosses boundaries, your post will be referred to a publisher for possible action.
    5) If you participate in a spamming thread on another rivals or other site that intends to bombard this site with flames (talking to you UK_Wildcat and others), we absolutely reserve the right to ban you.
    6) If you want to discuss basketball or related topics in an intelligent and civil manner, you are welcome here.

    For those wondering why UK is being singled out, you clearly have not met the dredges of Rupp Rafters before.
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